Montague Sonador Homeowners Association (HOA) – September 2019

Frequently asked Questions


1.  How does the Montague Sonador HOA operate?

     The operation of your homeowner’s association is governed by a board of volunteer directors. The Board is responsible for overseeing the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the Association, and for maintaining members’ compliance with the established rules and guidelines. ​ 


2. What are the rules and regulations of the Montague Sonador HOA?

     The Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, (CCR’s) and Bylaws you received during the home purchase process.  If you do not have copies of these documents they are available on the community management website,  


3What should I do if I am unable to pay or behind on my HOA dues?

     As community leaders we are concerned about our neighbors, so when there are situations beyond your control, please know that we are here to help you find ways to pay your HOA dues.  We can work payment plans, to fit your budget. Our community financial management company is: Neighborhood Service Corporation  This organization maintains and assists our community with financial and management services.


4. What if I have a complaint about my neighbor’s yard or other community issues?

     First, reaching out to your neighbors is the best way to achieve a successful outcome.              

    The next steps:

       a).  Contact Oklahoma City Municipal Code Enforcement, dial 221.

       b).  Log on to our new neighborhood web site at: and contact the board for additional guidance.

       c).  For street light malfunctions and burned out lamps go to:

5. What rights and responsibilities do non-owner tenants have in the HOA? While non-owner tenants are not formal members of the HOA, we recognize a significant portion of the homes in our neighborhood are occupied by renters.  The owner of the property is responsible to the HOA for the yearly dues. It is up to the homeowner to give access to the renters for the pool and exercise room.   With that said, we value all the members of our community and if there are issues, please advise the board and we will work to help resolve the problem. We do not negotiate between tenants and landlords but offer these following resources from the Oklahoma Bar Association:  

      a).  What are my rights and duties as a tenant?  

      b).  What are my rights and duties as a landlord?


We are here to assist our community through the HOA volunteer board.  Current members:

President:  Pat Zimmerman  

Vice President:  Christopher Leon

Secretary:  Jasmine Mayorga

Treasurer:  Steven Troyer

Director of Maintenance:  Kevin Barnett

Architecture Committee:  James Branum

Member at Large:  Todd Farmer

Member at Large:  Cherith Farmer

Please contact us through the new neighborhood Web site: