President and Board member:

Pat Zimmerman – pat(at)montaguesonador(dot)com

Vice President, , and Board Member: 

James Branum – james(at)montaguesonador(dot)com

Secretary and Board Member:

Melissa Barnett – melissa(at)montaguesonador(dot)com

Treasurer and Board Member: 

Jason Williams – jason(at)montaguesonador(dot)com

Maintenance Director and Board Member:

Edwin Mayorga – edwin(at)montaguesonador(dot)com

Board Member:

Jasmin Mayorga – jasmin(at)montaguesonador(dot)com

Board Member:

Vacant – to be filled at December 2021 annual meeting

Architectural Committee: Pat Zimmerman, Jason Williams, James Branum (alternate Melissa Barnett)

Entertainment Committee: Melissa Barnett

Website/Social Media Committee: James Branum, Melissa Barnett