Montague-Sonador HOA Newsletter – August 2022

Dear Residents,

We are writing to inform you all about some important information about our pool from your HOA board:

1. We gave serious thought to extending the pool season this year, however, due to the much-higher-than expected costs for pool chemicals (and the likelihood that we have to replace several components on our system during the off-season), we will be unable to do this and our last day of the pool being open will be on Labor Day.

2. We have had continued problems this season with pool users playing with and misusing safety equipment (including life preservers, the life-saving pole, etc.). This is an issue of safety and the law which we must take seriously, so we urge all households to ensure that no one from your family (or guests) are misusing these items. Please, do not touch these items unless there is an actual emergency!

3. We would love to replace some of the chairs and loungers at the pool, however, due to misuse by pool users, we are having to replace them far sooner than should be necessary. We hope to be able to replace some of the pool furniture in time for next year’s pool season, but we are also hesitant to do so given the fact that past pool furniture has been misused so badly. If we do decide to buy new furniture anyway, we will be asking for all residents to help us in watching for anyone who is misusing these items.

4. Speaking of our rules, we should make clear that there are also consequences for those who violate these rules. Our board has adopted the following policy to guide us in considering appropriate consequences:


A: For any rule violation that involves damage to HOA property – The violating household will be responsible for paying for the full cost of repair or replacement of said property, and will have their pool/gym fob disabled until the debt is paid in full.

b: For misusing pool equipment (including life preservers, etc.) or other serious violations of our pool rules:

(1) For a first violation, the violating household will have their pool/gym fob disabled for one week,

(2) For any subsequent violation in the current year, the violating household will have their pool/gym fob disabled for either the remainder of the current pool season or six months (whichever is longer).

c: Any household who has been assessed the cost of damages and/or who has had their pool/gym fob deactivated due to a rule violation may request an appeal hearing with the HOA board.

d: As a reminder — homeowners are responsible for any damage caused by both members of their household (including children) or any other invited guests of your household.