September 2019 – State of our Community

The following letter from our HOA board is being delivered to homes in our neighborhood over the coming days. We also are dropping off a Q&A sheet that provides some information frequently asked questions about our HOA.

Montague Sonador Homeowners Association

September 2019
State of our Community

Dear Homeowners,

​On behalf of the Montague Sonador Homeowners Association Board of Directors, we would like
to extend our greetings and welcome all to our community. Over the coming months we look
forward to meeting you, whether it be walking down the streets, at the pool, the exercise room,
or at a community activity.

We are currently working on our new neighborhood web site at:
additional IT support from the community would be more than appreciated!

As a homeowner, you may already have some ideas on how you’d like to improve your property.
The HOA has an Architectural Review Committee to help maintain the quality of our
neighborhood. Its function is to evaluate the plans for all exterior landscaping, repairs and
remodeling. In addition, there are other residential requirements per our (CCR’s), please review
and be aware of those requirements.

​Our biggest hurdle has been the financial challenges. The association is owed approximately
$31,000.00 from unpaid homeowner dues and unfortunately, unlike the developers, we have no
choice but to pursue legal avenues to collect those dues. Currently HOA dues are $350.00 per
year and we hope to keep them at that level. For those homeowners that behind in HOA dues, all
interest penalties will be waived if paid in full by 01, January 2020.

Home Creations did follow through with the additional funds to pay the balance of the pool
maintenance fee and Emergency Telephone bill for the clubhouse. The board had planned to
begin some community improvements this calendar year, but due to the lack of funds, we will set
our sights on next year and develop a plan for improvements and facility replacements.

We have high hopes for our community, but those plans and repairs cost money. The exercise
room needs equipment, the pool will need some repairs, we need to repair the fences, and so on.
With your help and recommendations, we can pursue a wonderful family community, full of
amenities and funded for success.

Look for more updates in the coming months,

​Board of Directors
Montague Sonador Homeowners Association

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